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Man For Himself | AI Hairstyles | Terms and Conditions

For the general Anforh Terms of Service, please click here

1. Overview

Welcome to Man For Himself's AI Hairstyles tool. By using this digital product, users agree to the following terms and conditions.

2. Description of the Service

The AI Hairstyles tool allows users to upload personal images and receive generated hairstyle images based on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

3. Ownership and IP Rights

  1. Users own the images they upload to the tool.
  2. Man For Himself retains intellectual property rights for images generated by the AI Hairstyles tool.

4. Purchase and Delivery

  1. Users will purchase the "AI Hairstyles" pack on
  2. Generated images will be delivered to users on, and they will receive an email notification when the images are ready.
  3. To access the generated images, users should enter the email used for purchase on the AI Hairstyles page on

5. Selfie Guideline

  1. Acceptable Images:

    • Clear and Well-Lit: Ensure your selfie is well-lit, with clear visibility of your facial features.
    • Front-Facing: Upload a straight, front-facing selfie to capture accurate facial proportions.
    • Natural Expression: Choose a photo with a natural facial expression for the most authentic hairstyle representation.
  2. Discouraged Images:

    • Blurry or Low-Quality: Avoid uploading blurry or low-resolution images to receive the most accurate hairstyle results.
    • Extreme Angles: Images taken from extreme angles may impact the accuracy of the generated hairstyles.
    • Group Photos: For precision, use solo selfies to focus solely on your facial features.
    • Inappropriate Content: Do not upload NSFW or nude images.
  3. Quality Disclaimer:

    • The quality of AI hairstyles is dependent on the quality of the uploaded selfie.
    • While most selfies from modern smartphones are of good quality, occasionally, one or two out of ten AI hairstyles might not accurately represent the desired style.

6. User Guidelines

  1. Users should only upload images they are comfortable with being visible to others.
  2. Users acknowledge having read guidelines on acceptable image types for the tool.

7. Refund Policy

  1. Refunds will only be considered in the event of an issue with the AI Hairstyles tool.
  2. Uploading discouraged image types will not warrant a refund.

8. Data and Privacy

  1. User data uploaded to 'AI Hairstyles' will be held for a maximum of 30 days.
  2. Users can request early deletion by emailing, including order number, name, and email address.
  3. Data will be shared with our technology and development partner for the purpose of delivering this digital product. 

9. Security and Transaction

  1. Transactions on are securely processed through Shopify.
  2. User data access is limited to those directly involved in providing services attached to the AI Hairstyles tool.
  3. Information is not shared with third parties without clearance.

10. Age Requirement

  1. Users must be aged 18 and above.
  2. Users under 18 confirm they have permission from a parent or legal guardian.

11. Non-Compliance

  1. In cases of non-compliance, user data will be promptly deleted.
  2. Criminal activities will be reported to the relevant authorities.

12. Email Access and Newsletter

  1. Users grant permission for Man For Himself to access their email address for delivering generated images.
  2. During the purchase process, users have the option to subscribe to the newsletter.


These terms and conditions are effective upon acceptance by the user.