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How to

3 ways to use

Option 1

Natural, textured look

Spritz and leave to dry naturally
Option 2

Big volume with loads of texture

Spritz and dry with a hair dryer
Option 3

Use before your favourite styling product

Used with a styling clay
Why TVS?

I’ve always wanted a product that would give my hair volume, make it look thicker but also add texture. So many products did one of these things, but I couldn’t find one that did it all. So, I would cocktail, combine, layer and create my own.

I found a problem and I decided to create the solution. Cue TVS.

10 Years of Research

Tried and tested thousands of hair products over the last decade.


Born in Scotland. Manufactured (with love) in the USA.

Naturally Derived Ingredients

Everything in TVS has a purpose.