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After 10 years of reviewing hair products online, I am excited to share with you the first product from my own brand - ANFORH. 


Why TVS? 

I’ve always wanted a product that would give my hair volume, make it look thicker but also add texture. So many products did one of these things, but I couldn’t find one that did it all. So, I would cocktail, combine, layer and create my own.

I found a problem and I decided to create the solution. Cue TVS. 

It’s a product that has been specifically designed for people with fine, soft and straight hair. This is not a product for everyone and I’m happy and confident to say that. My ‘unfiltered honesty’ will always remain true. For those of you that like this, you will love it. But for the rest of you, watch this space.


ANFORH has been born from Man For Himself (my YouTube channel, website and social accounts). It’s quite literally mANFORHimself. I wanted a nod to where this all began, especially as I’m only in a position to launch this because of the Man For Himself community. 

ANFORH is not based on gender but is for anyone who wants a product that delivers.